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Hell, Wisconsin -- OOC

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Hell, Wisconsin -- OOC

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August 4th, 2007

Dear Citizens of Hell,

Good morning! We hope you are enjoying your storm. As of Saturday it shows no signs of abating, so the Good Ship Lollipop Sheriff Bornpang will be coming around to collect you from your homes and take you to the VFW, where it is safe. (For a given value of safe, that is.) It is made of brick and things and therefore it is much less likely you will be kilt by a tree or such if you are there. Assume he is rounding up every citizen he can find - if you really don't want him to find you, he does not have to, but it has been a long while since everyone has been in the same place. Congregate with the rest of the population! Enjoy their good conversation, their canned food, their bodily funk.

On Monday morning, when the storm abates, you will find a thick mist covering town. And that's just the beginning. Until then, though? Enjoy the relative peace and quiet.

Remember, the VFW is very, very safe.


The Powers That Be

August 2nd, 2007

Guess what Hell gets soon, y'all?

One of the best parts of the midwest: a big-ass, knee-knocking, two-day storm. Hail, lightning, thunder, wind, and rain all combined to fuck the town up but good. Trees will fall over, potentially onto buildings, shingles will slide right off, if your roof has a leak you will certainly know about it, and anyone caught outside won't be feeling too good if they make it out at all. Like any decent storm, the power will also be out for the duration, so characters will have to learn what it's like with out that handy-dandy mysterious power source. (What IS that about, anyway?)

This storm isn't, of course, totally ordinary. During it, a thinny will occur, opening up our lovely town to all sorts of creatures that want to eat parts of you, some of them intangible! See here for more information on our tourists.
Good evening ladles and gentlespoons. Thank you so much for your patience while we did our rennovatery business; we are happy to report everything shipshape and top-notch and all those other metaphors that basically mean awesome and for some reason are often nautical.


  • New and improved Userinfo!  Featuring things that are now much easier to find, such as game premise, taken characters, taken PBs, etc.
  • A list of locations in town and what one might expect to find in them!  (Note bene: if your character lives in any of these places, please speak up.  :3  Also, we encourage adding your character's residence to the list if it isn't on there.)
  • Peterson's Field Guide to Hell: a list of current and upcoming monsters, including where they're likely to be and how to kill them - presuming that's possible. :D
Did I forget anything?  Someone tell me if I did. >__>  Coming up soon there will be a very special re-opening post.  Enjoy, and thanks again for bearing with us.

August 1st, 2007

While we're hiatusing and doing clean-up type chores, one of the things we want to do is remove characters who are no longer active. We are allowing fandom characters who become inactive to be reapplied for - mods will work with the new player in order to see that their story meshes with the previous established line. Dropped OCs will be placed on the Do Not App list, although we can't imagine that will be much of a problem, what with them being...OCs and all.

However, we also recognize that people have lives, and those lives can easily become too busy for RP at times. The following is a list of characters who have been inactive long enough that we've noticed...we're not all that strict about this stuff and therefore don't have, and probably never will have a specific period during which you must be active. If you see your character on this list, it's likely they haven't been played for two months or more.

This doesn't mean we don't still love you! In fact, we do, and would like to see you back. :3 E-mails, assuming we have them, will be sent to the muns of the following, for purposes of contact and query regarding future playing:


As previously mentioned, we're pretty chill about how often people play or don't, so all we really require in response (to either this post or e-mail) is a "Yes, I want to keep playing," or "No, thank you." :3 Easypeasey. Like your mods.

If there's no response to either of these within a couple weeks, we're going to go ahead and assume that you're proooobably not checking this anyhow, so we'll remove the character. They are always welcome back, though hopefully in a more active capacity, or we start making woobie faces.

July 29th, 2007

ooc Mod Post

no evacuation
Ok, kiddies. Starting Monday at Midnight (in 4 hours), we are putting the game on pause so we can do a cleanup of the userinfo, put together a proper list of locations, monsters, what have you. And then, on Friday, we will unpause the game with, well. Something special.

Sound good? Great! Any questions?
Hi, guys, Dele here. I've got some bad news for y'all (or maybe you'll be happy, idk), but I'm stepping down as a mod and taking my leave of the game. Before there is gossip, it's not ooc drama, and if you're REALLY curious about why I'm leaving, you can just ask me, I'll totes tell you, it's not that big a deal.

For those of you this affects directly: Please get in touch with me (if I don't catch you first), and we can figure out the details of writing my characters out. I am HAPPY to do whatever you need me to do as long as you're not asking me to go OOC with my pup (which y'all wouldn't do), and I'm open to any ideas you have to make this flow smoothly.

Please do not take my leaving personally, as it does not reflect on you, your writing, or your characters. Y'all are talented writers who do much better in the setting than I do, and I hope I will still get to write with at least SOME of you. I will, right? Right guys?

Thank you for being so awesome, and for making my time in Hell as both a player and a mod both memorable and enjoyable. Have a good time with the game and don't ditch me just because we're not playing together any more, 'cause I'll cut you. I will. I'll do it.

Love, luck and a flamethrower (you'll need it),

July 28th, 2007

(no subject)

this is who she is today - red helmet

This here is Bridgette Dubois, from NBC’s Medium. She has one sister she can’t find, and her other sister is a ghost – though Bridgette thinks she’s alive, because Bridgette can see dead people (yeah, I went there). Also, sometimes the dead can’t or don’t appear to her, but send her visions of the past.

What this means for YOU!Collapse )

So, she’s cute, she’s precocious, she wants to be a writer, and she has an imaginary little sister. Don’t break her, or you’ll answer to Parker.

July 23rd, 2007

Look! A post by Liz with absolutely no mpreg!

Instead, have a fifteen year old AU of thepathofpins, a deliciously twisted little sixteen year old peasant girl named Martine from Ye Olde France.

Parker Alice Lachance is not from France. Parker's from Alabama and probably couldn't find France on a map, but she COULD shoot you to death. With a gun, no less. She's gonna come rolling into Hell in a beaten up pick-up truck accompanied by a cute little half-sister named Phoebe, and Laura's new pup Bridge. She also has guns, knives, a truckload of supplies, and a really nice pair of sneakers.

Play nice! She is lolangry. And has ORPHAN PAIN.
Good morning, America (and some sections of Footure-land). Tonight will be a great moment for all of Nerd-kind. Having trekked across the Midwest, scaled tall hills, and tumbled over deep potholes is the brave, the exciting, the dashing Tadsen Murphy! He has come such a long way, folks, and a long way just to see you. (Actually, it's to see his probably dead family, but shh.)

Dear Tadsen hasn't seen another living human being in over two weeks (mostly due to walking aimlessly through the woods for the last several days). It would be a traged bee if he were to be startled as he wanders into the township of Hell, Wisconsin. >_> Wouldn't it? Like if he were to break into some random house and sneak around in the dark, and maybe be found when he least expects it... Oh yes. Terrible.

Anyway. Hi. I'm Annie. And I play too many nerds.

July 22nd, 2010

We don't have a specific format for applications, so here's the deal: we need a description of your character's powers (if any), and at least three paragraphs of bio. Please remember to adhere to realism (in as much as a supernaturally-oriented horror game allows for it). If you're looking to have your character be involved with the spread of Captain Trips, or somehow affiliated with the Shop, please see the mods so we can confer.

Thanks! All comments are screened.
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